Goodbye, “Hope in a Jar”.
Hello, no bullsh*t skincare.

Shero Science brings Dermatologist advice and products to your door.

Our Mission

To help you buy better skin care products by reducing the barriers to accessing Dermatologists.

Our Manifesto

We don’t shy away from science and research, but we don’t overcomplicate it, either.

We know that the status quo isn’t serving you well, and we’re willing to break the rules in order to give you access to truth and knowledge.

We’ll empower you in the choices you make so you spend less time doubting your decisions, and more time running the world like the badass you are.

Our Story

An Open Letter from One Woman to Another:

I’d never been to a Dermatologist. They always sounded expensive. I didn’t have the time. But when a friend told me she had melanoma, I decided to schedule a visit. I left my appointment learning I was skin-healthy but also completely shocked. Everything I thought about skin care was wrong.

The Dermatologist asked me if I could drop everything my friends, celebrities and even my mom had told me about skin care. And, to think radically different about what I spend my time and money on. I said “okay” and three things happened. 1) I immediately switched the sunscreen I buy; 2) I completely changed what I spend money on (eye cream out the door!) and 3) my skin now looks healthier and younger.

I know Dermatologists can be expensive. That appointment cost me $250. And so we worked to figure out a way to give you the same Dermatologist advice and products for far less.

We’re launching a radically different way to give you skin care.

Welcome, Shero Science.

Nicole Farb
Founder of Shero Science

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