Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shero Science?

Shero Science is an online, Dermatologist-directed, skin care service. Get your Skin IQ to learn from Dermatologists how effective your current skin care is, what types of products you should use for results, what products are just for fun, and key ingredients to include in your routine. Shero Science makes it easy to act on those recommendations. Buy the products recommended for you for results. Free shipping and returns, no questions asked.

How does it work?

  • 1. Get Your Your Skin IQ
    Tell us about your skin, concerns, and lifestyle.
  • 2. Receive Your Dermatologist Recommendations
    Learn what types of products and key ingredients our Dermatologists recommend for you.
  • 3. Get Your Products
    Buy the products recommended for you for results. Free shipping and returns within 15 days, no questions asked.
  • 4. Stick With It For Results
    Buy anytime you like, or Subscribe and Save to receive automatic refills for the products you love. Shipping and returns are free.

How many products will I get recommended?

Depending on your age, skin type, and skin concerns we’ll recommend 4-5 products in your routine. You can buy any of the individual products or buy the routine at a discount for best results.

How long will the products last?

Each product should last about 2 months. We’ll check in after your first month to see how each product is working so you can buy again with confidence when they run out.

How much is the service?

There’s no cost for the service, we only charge you for the products you choose to buy or subscribe to. Yes, that means the Dermatologist advice and recommendations are free. Shipping is always free.

How does Subscribe and Save work?

Select “Subscribe and Save” at checkout and let us do the work for you, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of your favorite skin care products. You’ll be billed every other month on the calendar day of your original purchase at our discounted Subscribe and Save price, and we’ll ship your selected products to you, automatically. You may cancel at any time by emailing We’ll be sad to see you go, but we promise to make it easy.

What is the return policy?

If you aren’t satisfied with a Shero Science product you can return it, no questions asked, for a full refund within 15 days of delivery. Yes, even if it’s opened. Yes, even if the bottle is half empty. Email us to return at

Does it fit my budget?

Effective skin care doesn’t have to be expensive. Our Dermatologists will help you spend on the right products and not waste your money on products that won’t work.

Do you ship internationally?

We ship within the United States only at this time, but we hope to make it to you soon.

If we haven’t answered your questions, our Customer Love team is here for you at!