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1% Nightly Retinol CE Repair

Radiant Skin in 4 Weeks Flat

  • Smooths fine lines and wrinkles
  • Renews skin’s surface
A clinical anti-aging serum that is science’s Wonder Woman. The lightweight lotion contains a powerful combination of dermatologist-grade ingredients that wake your skin up and give it new life. Its power comes from the 1% retinol which stimulates new skin cell production, reduces fine lines, and fades dark spots and scars. After 4 weeks of nightly use you will see results: brighter, younger skin that beams.
1 oz / 30 g
For Dry, Normal, Combination and Oily skin types.
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Active ingredients &
what they do

Retinol (1%) is skin care's powerhouse. At clinical grades (1%), Retinol accelerates skin renewal giving you smoother, firmer, even skin
Vitamin E replenishes your skin of Vitamin E lost over time, helping to prevent signs of aging

What to expect & when

During weeks 1-2, gradually work retinol into your routine. Expect some irritation as you skin gets used to it.
During weeks 2-4, expect irritation to continue but become less pronounced.
After 4 weeks, your skin will begin to look younger; more firm, less wrinkles, even skin tone.

Hands down, this is what a Dermatologist would tell you to use if you paid $250 for a visit.

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Radical Return Policy: Use it, love it, get the skin you want. If that doesn’t happen, we fully refund you.