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Algae+ Rich Moisturizing Cream

Endless Power for the Ageless

  • Restores skin to youthful state
  • Hydrates and seals in antioxidant support
Think of Algae+ Moisturizing Cream as injecting your dull, dry skin with 10 years of youth and hydration. When you put on this cream, you immediately get skin that glows from the inside out. It works because it’s power packed with three active ingredients combined to give deep hydration: Ferulic Acid, Algae Extracts and Vitamin C. Formulated to give you a non-greasy, ultra-hydrating cream that you can use daily.
1.75 fl. oz/ 50 ml
For Dry and Combination skin types.
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Active ingredients &
what they do

Algae Extract s the ocean’s most potent ingredient, instantly hydrates and softens skin giving you a supple, smooth complexion
Ferulic Acid, a plant-based ingredient, enhances the stability of all other ingredients in your product
Sodium Hyaluronate, r Hyaluronic Acid, is a natural compound found in your body that helps pull water into the skin, hydrating and plumping for the smoothest, dewiest complexion you can get
Tocopheryl (Vitamin E) replenishes your skin of Vitamin E lost over time, helping to prevent signs of aging

What to expect & when

After first use skin looks healthy and moisturized with a smooth, radiant texture. Depending on the products you were using before, you may see an overnight improvement.
Within 2–8 weeks enhanced results will occur, and will increase and be maintained over time.

The moisturizer that’ll hydrate your skin better than any $200 cream can.  

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